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Multiblogger here! with the funnies and fandoms (SNK and One piece my current favs)
There will be some nsfw~~ (mostly yaoi) AND THIS BLOG IS NOT SPOILER-FREE


The teacher said ‘hit the lights’ and this kid punched the light switch and broke it


—-guess levi understood it as the second way…. XD

          はぴたん@騎乗位再び ‏@77Shin_geki           

Translated by me

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Levi and his babies went on a field trip to a conbini one day.


I can’t explain it.



*concert voice* so how is everyone doing tonight!!

*from the back of the room* ok how are u

Me: *changes icon*
Me: who the hell is that on my dashboard
Me: wait a minute

"People think of Nami as a witch."

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